employee communication

One of the most common complaints we hear from business owners is how difficult it is to find “good” employees.  I’ll share with you what I often share with them – in most cases you are in complete control as to whether you have good employees or not.  *Enter incredulous eye roll*  The truth is there are steps you can take to ensure that for the most part you have a workforce that contributes what is needed to help make your businesses successful. Here are 4 tips to getting and keeping the employees that your business needs. 

1. Hire the Right People.  This may seem obvious, but it takes true preparation and planning to hire the right employees for your business.  It’s more than just saying, “I need a receptionist” or “I need an operations manager”, it’s about actually defining the type of skills, characteristics and experience that would make an individual successful in that role for YOUR company and then seeking out candidates with those qualifications that also fit your culture. 

2. Prioritize Training – Most employees want to do a good job, but imagine being thrown into a role without the proper training and then never having an opportunity to learn how to do your job better.  When employees receive training, it not only sets the tone for performance expectations, but it also improves their skills and knowledge and helps build confidence in their abilities. The better you coach and mentor your employees, the more you’ve set them up for success. 

3. Communicate – Don’t assume that your employees know what to do and how you expect for it to be done.  When executed effectively, strong communication can mitigate pitfalls and resolve issues in the workplace before they begin.  Employers who spend time and energy to effectively communicate with their employees increase morale and productivity.   

4. Appreciate – Employees like to feel valued and appreciated for what they do.  When you recognize your employees for their contributions to your business’ success, they become happier and as a result, their productivity increases.  Remember, happy employees are productive employees and productive employees which means success for your business.

When you are running a small business, effectively managing employees can feel like just another task. But doing so successfully is probably one of the most important things you can do for your business.  The good news is that even if you don’t have the time, budget or resources to do so, The HR Hotline® is here to help!  Visit thehrhotline.com or email us at info@thehrhotline.com for a free consultation.