workplace professionalism

3 Dangers of Getting TOO Friendly With Your Employees

When you run a small business with only a handful of people, things may be pretty informal.  This makes it very easy to fall

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into the trap of becoming too… Read More

5 Workplace Compliance Gaps that Can Lead to Fines

It’s not easy for a small business to comply with the never-ending, ever-changing

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workplace laws that exist.  Yet, failing to do so puts a business at risk of lawsuits and… Read More

employee communication

Guess Who Determines Whether You Have a Good Employee or Not – YOU

One of the most common complaints we

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hear from business owners is how difficult it is to find “good” employees.  I’ll share with you what I often share with them… Read More

DOL Audit, HR Compliance, HR, Human Resources, Wage & Hour, Overtime, Minimum Wage

The DOL Audit: A Horror for Any Business!

Anyone that has ever had to go through a wage and hour audit with the Department of

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Labor can tell you that it truly is a horror for any business. … Read More

Sexual Harassment, Harassment, Lawsuits, EEOC

4 Steps to Protecting Your Business From Costly Sexual Harassment Claims

No business is immune from the risk of costly sexual harassment claims.  However, small businesses are particularly more vulnerable because in most cases, a small business will lack the policies… 

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